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Packaging-Atlanta was the first to come out with a proprietary bakeable tray and have set the
standard for quality food packaging trays. Our innovative design is unique in its abilities and
highly functional. Throw away those chemicals; these trays require no spray treatments or
washes. Eliminate the hassle of de-panning and repackaging your food. Go from the kitchen to
the shipping department in one easy step!

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Hi there…

Nice to meet you! We’re Packaging-Atlanta, a local packaging company in the great state of Georgia. We service everywhere from Metro Atlanta to countries across the globe. We’ve been around for a while, since 1983, in fact, and are passionate about packaging.

We built our company from the ground up nearly 35 years ago, yet we have remained steadfast in our beliefs that hard work and dedication to our customers will take us far. These characteristics have allowed us to serve our clients faithfully for years.

Fast forward to present day and we have a steady base of clients and a reputation for high-quality products. Even better, we’re known for our white glove service and commitment to fulfilling our clients’ needs. We’ve worked hard to garner this respect by staying true to our ethics and going above and beyond for our clients.


Practicing Sustainability

Packaging-Atlanta is dedicated to our planet and has implemented green initiatives to protect our environment. We participate in the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle plan, and work with our clients and within our organization to develop processes that minimize our environmental impact and reduce our carbon footprint.

Food Safety

At Packaging Atlanta, we’re committed to ensuring our packaging is up to food safety standards. We participate in third party audits to stay on top of food safety standards and are working towards several certifications by 2017. We want your customers to enjoy your goods, so we’re creating packaging that exceeds quality standards.

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